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 On March 4, 2024, the Lincoln Village Council adopted Ordinance # 24-1, an Ordinance to adopt an amended Downtown Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan for the Downtown Development Authority of the Village of Lincoln, Alcona County, Michigan, pursuant to the provisions of Part 2 for Downtown Development Authorities of the Recodified Tax Increment Financing Act, 2018 Public Act 57, as amended (“Act 57”). This ordinance shall become effective immediately upon the publication of this Notice of Adoption. The text of the entire ordinance is available at the Lincoln Village Offices at 117 Fiske Street, Lincoln MI 48742. This determination and adoption are based on the following considerations:

A.         The Village Council has considered the findings and recommendations of the Village of Lincoln Downtown Development Authority.

B.         The Plan meets the requirements set forth in Section 217(2) in Act 57.

C.        The plan includes the proposed method of financing the development which is feasible and the Village of Lincoln Downtown Development Authority has the ability to arrange the financing.        

D.        The development described in the Plan is reasonable and necessary to carry out the purposes of Act 57.

E.         The land included within the development area to be acquired is reasonably necessary to carry out the purposes of the plan and of this part in an efficient and economically satisfactory manner.

F.         The development plan is in reasonable accord with the master plan of the Village of Lincoln.

G.        Public services, such as fire and police protection and utilities, are or will be adequate to service the project area.

H.        Any changes in zoning, streets, street levels, intersections, and utilities are reasonably necessary for the project and the Village.

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